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11 Ways to Personalize Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Posted by David Kindervater on Jul 10, 2018

When it comes to your next direct mail marketing campaign, you will likely face many challenges. Design and copywriting. Postal regulations. List selection. And that's just the start. One particularly perplexing problem involves personalizing your direct mail, especially when you have a large number of printed materials to churn out as quickly as possible.

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How to Use Direct Mailing Services to Reach Your Target Audience

Posted by David Kindervater on Jul 5, 2018

Marketers are drawn to the trends of online advertising. Nearly $204 billion were spent on digital advertising in 2017. That number could rise to almost $330 billion by 2021, with search advertising being the most effective and promising.

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How Postal Optimization Saves Money and Meets Direct Mail Deadlines

Posted by David Kindervater on Jun 19, 2018

As a marketing executive, your focus is on the content of your marketing materials. You want a direct mail campaign that grabs the attention of your recipients—and produces results. But you also need to watch what you spend.

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How to Optimize Your Direct Mail Letter

Posted by David Kindervater on Apr 17, 2018

In a world of emails, texts, and social media posts, people still look forward to checking what's in their physical mailbox each day. Approximately 41% of Americans, in fact. And not just older folks—those under 30 feel the same way. Research shows only about 6% of people discard mail without opening it.

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